Horror Merchants Motorcycle Club
Veterans * Patriots

Constitution and Bylaws
 (Public Version for Introduction purposes)

Club Purpose

A Motorcycle Club originally started by Veterans and Active Duty Marines in 1977, which includes Veterans of all Services, select Civilian Contractors and Government Personnel who have served in an Operational Theatre and select Patriotic Citizens. The HMMC is not a 1%er Motorcycle Club and claims no territory.

 – Our primary Goal is to maintain and live by the principles of the Original SPS Founding Members of the HMMC which define our Brotherhood. These principles are:

-         Integrity
-          Honor
-          Courage
-          Respect
-          Loyalty
-          Commitment

The Horror Merchants as individuals and a group have earned the right to live and express ourselves as Free Men and Brothers, to live by these principles.



The trademark consisting of the name “Horror Merchants” in an arched configuration patch above the Winged Bat (colored black and charcoal) and the word “Veterans-Patriots" below, with the smaller MC cube patch below and under the right wing looking at the Four patches, shall henceforth be referred to as “Colors”. The Horror Merchants M/C Colors are a registered trademark owned by the Horror Merchants Motorcycle Club.


The Trademark is also the name Horror Merchants; the winged bat.

        History and Framework

  1. The Horror Merchants Motorcycle Club was founded in Newport, North Carolina in 1977 by members of a group of like minded individuals – Active Duty Marines, Veterans, Civilians, members of two other motorcycle clubs, The Silver Dollar Crew and the Original Members of the SPS.
The name Horror Merchants came from the term “Horror Show” used to describe events that occurred when the SPS and others were around celebrating their freedom of expression. There is no other way to explain this –legally.

Three years later the North Carolina Chapter disbanded due to members being incarcerated, others departing the area and others taking other directions. In the winter of 1979 the Original SPS
Horror Merchants MC Members settled in Massachusetts and rode together and lived by the founding principles.
The HMMC went into a period of Nomad status relocating to several other states with the SPS Patch holders owning the rights and colors that were modified from the original winged piston to an eariler variation of the present configuration.

Over the years the SPS grew and changed but members still carried on the traditions of the founders; as Active Duty Military, Veterans, Government personnel and Patriotic Citizens serving around the world in one Horror Show after another to preserve the freedoms enjoyed by all Citizens of the United States.

In 2006 – three (3) of the SPS members served together in Afghanistan meeting  more people of a like mind from the US, England, Canada, South Africa, Bosnia and the Netherlands – Veterans, Active Military and Contractors – bikers and Patriots that held to the same principles and values. The new Horror Merchants MC was reorganized during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Herrick in Afghanistan in 2008 by one of the Original Horror Merchants of North Carolina. The meaning of the name Horror Merchants MC has changed from the original reason it was used in 1977 and was chosen to reflect the horrors associated with the experiences of war that were described as "Horror Shows" in Afghanistan by the current members, prospective members and the original charter member. Horror Merchants live and deal with those Horrors. We Honor and Support those who have lived it and their families who live with the horrors of war at home. We Honor the Memory of those killed on September 11, 2001 and the Horror that their loved ones still live with.
Now there are new Squads of Horror Merchants in the United States, Bosnia and England whose priorities are to honor those who serve our countries and offer support to other combat Veterans in transitioning from the Horrors experienced in war to life at home again.
We do not solicit people to join our club; we do not disrespect other patch holders or independent riders. The Horror Merchants Motorcycle Club is a brotherhood of men who love to ride and spend time together with our families and friends.

It was not until October 2009, again in Afghanistan during Task Force Leatherneck when the HMMC as a  Motorcycle Club was officially transformed – transitioning from the earlier days to the Motorcycle Club it is today. The Virginia Chapter was then designated as the First Squad of the HMMC.

2.         2. The Virginia Chapter/First Squad incorporated under the name “The International Brotherhood of the Horror Merchants Motorcycle Club” and will do business as the “Horror Merchants Motorcycle Club”.   

3.         3. A Charter/ Squad is one that has been approved by the National Board and inducted into the Horror Merchants Motorcycle Club after meeting the prospective requirements of the HMMC.

4.         4. This HMMC Constitution and Bylaws shall be the fundamental law of the Horror Merchants Motorcycle Club.

The Charter/Squad’s Operating Policies in conjunction with the HMMC Constitution and Bylaws shall govern the conduct of each Horror Merchants Veterans-Patriots Motorcycle Club Chapter/Squad.

For those who fought for it, Freedom has a flavor The Protected will never know!

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